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Antonio Dunson
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James Chappell
Prison Chronicles Pen Pal Pages
James Chappell

Mr. James M. Chappell #52338
Ely State Prison
P.O. Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301

by James Chappell

Thoughts of you flood my mind
as I ponder about life
and how you have effected me,

Throughout my life's trials
I have longed for that special
someone who could open the
door to my heart and rekindle
the flame that burned so dimly
in the very depths of my soul,

And like a mornings sea breeze
you whisked into my life,
bringing about a new awakening
of love, passion, and romance
with me,

Where there was once a void of
darkness and gloom, there is now
the light of love that illuminates
throughout my whole being,
I thank the Heavens for blessing
me for you are my
friend, my future, my eternity.

by James Chappell

We're friends in a friendship
that time cannot sever
with bonds we have built
well remain friends forever

We're welded in spirit,
attached by our hearts
were fused by the feeling
that friendship imparts

We're tied by emotions,
connected by dreams
reinforced by our hopes,
unified by extremes

No longer a function
of time or of space,
our love is a substance
that life wont replace

No matter how distant,
well always endeavor
to sense the full meaning
of friendship FOREVER.